Energy Efficiency Projects

ECSMC has been serving the bay area communities in energy efficiency and weatherization since 2005 and is one of the top providers of energy education and installation measures certified by PG&E. Other core programs include Chronic Disease Programs, Employment, Youth Leadership, Emergency Services Partnership, Incubation Initiative and technology.

—PG&E Low Income Energy Efficiency Program

—Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESA)

—Energy & Water measures

  • Ca. Alternative Rates for energy  (CARE) 20% Discount

—Moderate Income Direct Install Program (MIDI)

  • Serves over 4000 residents and non profits.

—Provides education and weatherization to over 15 residences.

—Created over 300 jobs

—Energy Education Training to 10 youths and 15 adults annually

Current Solar Projects

—San Francisco Bay Area Projects

—Allen Temple Arms I, Oakland, CA.   Allen Temple Arms II, Oakland, CA.

—Allen Temple Arms III, Oakland, CA.  Allen Temple Arms IV, Oakland, CA.

—Broadmoor Plaza, San Leandro, CA  Hillcrest Senior Living, Daly City,CA

—Boys and Girls Club of Oakland – 3300 High Street

—Boys and Girls Club of Oakland – 8530 Int’l Blvd.

—Boys and Girls Club of Oakland  - 920 24th Street

—Bridgeport, CT Projects

—Jesus Saves Ministry   New Vision Interfaith Ministry

—Shiloh Baptist Church     Calvary Baptist Church

—Tennessee State University, Nashville, Tenn.